How to apply to access EPPN installations?

The call for the EPPN transnational access activities (TA) is a procedure open for the entire duration of EPPN activities starting in January 2012. Proposals for access to any specific installation can be submitted at any time by eligible researchers or research teams before the deadline marked in the access calendar.

Multiple applications are possible, but you need to submit a separate application for each installation. It is recommended to contact the platform operators prior to submission of a proposal to discuss the feasibility of the proposed experiment.

Within a month after the deadline each applicant will be informed about the outcome of the review (Evaluation/Selection) process. Successful applicants will then directly negotiate the details of the access with the access provider. After the completion of the project each user is requested to write a report and complete a questionnaire.


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, a research team must satisfy the following criteria:

  • the project group leader and the majority of research team members must work in an EU member, associated state, or candidate state. (Information about eligible countries outside the EU can be found on the Cordis Website (
  • the requested access must be transnational, i.e. the home institution of the user must be located in a country other than the country where the infrastructure is established.
  • only users entitled to disseminate the foreground they have generated under the
    project are eligible for access free of charge.


The submission procedure is simple and involves three steps. Proposal submission is done via the TA application form. The completed application should be sent by email to the EPPN Management Office. If you have any questions, contact Roland Pieruschka.

IMPORTANT: we strongly recommend to contact the platform operators prior to the submission of a proposal. Only feasible experiments can be performed at the respective platforms where you plan to do your experiment and, only the platform operators can advise you if the proposed experiment is feasible.

Evaluation procedure

The evaluation process of the submitted proposals is as follows:

  • incoming proposals will be verified by the EPPN Management Committee for formal compliance with the EU regulations.
  • the proposal will be examined by the access provider of each installation for the feasibility assessment of the proposed experiment.
  • the Management Committee will initiate a peer review process. Independent external reviewers will be invited to submit a confidential written assessment of the proposal.

Selection procedure

Based on the recommendations of the reviewers and the feasibility of the project the proposals will be ranked and selected for transnational access by the Management Committee and the director of the infrastructure offering access.

Four weeks after the submission deadline each applicant will be informed about the outcome of the proposal.

Selection criteria

Users will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • the proposals have to be technically feasible for the available instruments in the facilities.
  • the experiments have to represent excellent science
  • scientific progress leading to publications is expected
  • preference is given to first time users from countries lacking phenotyping facilities.
  • special attention will be paid to new EU-countries, and young scientists

The selected projects and their status will be listed on the EPPN website.

Access preparation

In case the transnational access proposal is accepted, the user and access provider will directly negotiate the final detail of the access implementation. To enable this step, the applicant will contact the host institution about the further procedure for organizing and implementing the access to the infrastructure.

Reporting and Questionnaire

After completion of the project the user group leader will be requested to provide the TA Project Report to the EPPN Management Committee as soon as practically feasible after the completion of the access. An online questionnaire must be filled in for the Commission to allow the evaluation of the Research Infrastructures providing acces and to improve the services provided to the scientific community.

By default users are expected to publish their results within a reasonable time. The users must agree that any publication resulting from work carried out under the EPPN Transnational Activity must acknowledge the support of the European Community - Research Infrastructures under the FP7 Capacities Specific Program, EPPN, project number 284443. 

We recommend to acknowledge the supporte of EPPN with the following sentence:

"This research was enabled by the Transnational Access capacities of the European Plant Phenotyping Network (EPPN, grant agreement no. 284443) funded by the FP7 Research Infrastructures Programme of the European Union."