EPPN defines good phenotyping practise

The main objective of this work package is to define essential elements of phenotyping procedures able to:

  • optimise protocols aimed at answering biological questions, from experiment design to data interpretation    
  • compare results and performing meta-analyses of data from different platforms and experiments.

The work package will develop guidelines of Good Phenotyping Practice based on experience from integrated phenotyping platforms, technologies and IT. These guidelines will affect the decision on which set of data has to be co-registered in phenotyping databases in order to allow users access to relevant parts of the experiments.

Another objective is to test the reproducibility of data in phenotyping platforms and facilitate the transfer of information from controlled-conditions platforms towards the performance of genotypes in the field. At present this has not been systematically tested. The WP will address this point with a set of experiments comparing different platforms at different stringency of environmental conditions with respect to the ranking of genotypes on key traits. This effort aims at identifying the sensitive parameters that need to be controlled for robust and reliable results.

Registered users obtain access to phenotyping protocols including the assessment of environmental data, selected traits and data analysis tools.

WP Leader: Prof. Francois Tardieu