EPPN develops novel instrumentation for plant phenotyping

The overall goal of the Novel Instrumentation work package is to provide the foundation for a novel generation of instruments allowing accurate quantification of phenotypic traits related to plant performance. During the course of the project selected instruments and methodologies will be made available within EPPN to allow benchmarking of the novel solutions with reference to existing methodologies and experimental proof-of-concept towards the development of dedicated screening procedures for relevant plant performance traits within the existing EPPN infrastructure and within the framework of Joint Research Activities.

In a first phase at the start of the project instrument setups will be built (hardware and software). In parallel, detailed specifications for benchmarking, proof-of-concept experiments, and operability (e.g., integration into automation protocols, desired throughput) into EPPN platforms in close coordination with networking activities (dedicated workshops), and the workpackage on Good Phenotyping Practice.

In a second phase the selected instruments will be made available for well-defined proof-of-concept experiments.

Specific technical goals of this WP are categorized into two instrument and technology development tracks:

  • non-invasive imaging    
  • automation and robotics for plant cultivation.

WP leader: Prof. Rick van de Zedde