EPPN organizes several events

The EPPN consortium will organize a range of events to inform about the opportunities of plant phenotyping and to foster the interaction between platform operators, users and developers.

International symposia

The emerging field of plant phenotyping requires a series of symposia to disseminate results and to allow timely circulation and exchange of ideas concerning phenotyping-specific technologies and methods. A series of International Plant Phenotyping Symposia has been launched at:

The next symposia are planned in 2014 and 2016.

Summer schools

Summer school-type courses for small groups of student and users will be held to provide practical training on the use of the instruments and tools of plant phenotyping.
Topics will include:

  • general introduction to plant phenotyping,    
  • hands-on training at phenotyping platforms,    
  • basic instrumentation operation,    
  • raw data acquisition and processing pipelines.

Part of the summer schools workshops goals will be dissemination of the agreed best practices.The summer schools will take place in:

Workshops to inform about transnational access

The communication between platform operators and users is essential to convey the information of opportunities of phenotyping platforms to prospective users. Four two-day "lunch-to-lunch" workshops will be organized in four different member states to inform potential users about facilities, benefits, and current capacities of EPPN phenotyping platforms.The first day of the workshop will focus on general aspects of plant phenotyping methods including imaging technologies and plant cultivation procedures, and the opportunities offered by the EPPN platforms as presented by invited EPPN speakers.The second day emphasizes practical issues related to access to the platforms, in particular the access procedure and counseling of users by EPPN platform operators.

Workshops to enable technology development

Two dedicated workshops "Novel Sensors Technologies for Plant Phenotyping" for the interaction between technology developers and platform operators will be organized to facilitate and define need and potential development roadmaps for:

  • Novel sensors and approaches for phenotyping to optimize and extend the pool of measurable plant traits
  • Adaptation and standardization of the novel plant trait-oriented assays
  • Protocols and procedures for data storage and exchange

The aim is to identify technologies that are not yet utilized by the EPPN platforms and to foster joint technology development projects beyond those already available at the phenotyping platforms locations. These events will also include technology developing groups outside the EPPN. Activities developed from these workshops aim at assist the selection of additional technology development projects that may be supported by existing funding schemes at the partners' platforms.

Round table meetings to discuss phenotyping approches

Two round table meetings will be organized to discuss, identify and distribute best phenotyping practices, standards and protocols. This discussion platform will be used to collect existing protocols and procedures used in the EPPN platforms.

The first round table meeting will be organized to identify the necessary steps for collecting and distributing knoledge.The second round table meeting will be used to define, distribute and publish the agreed-on protocols and standards.

Both meetings will include international partners of the EPPN. Potential topics to be covered in the round table meetings are following the integration of novel technologies into phenotyping platforms, linking genotyping and phenotypic data and standard protocols for traits such as drought resistance, water and nutrient use efficiency, pathogen resistance.

  • The first round table meeting will be held in Montpellier (INRA) in September 2013.    
  • The second round table meeting will be held in Wageningen (Keygene) in September 2014.