Networking is the key to build a european plant phenotyping community

Taking into account that plant phenotyping is developing rapidly, it is likely that more platforms will be designed and set up during the duration of the project. Therefore the networking activities of EPPN will also need to reach beyond the present partnership, and provide advice and reference to evolving additional infrastructures. These activities will especially help building new partnerships while valorising the experiences of the existing platforms. To achieve this goal, streamlined and timely communication and networking need to unfold between: the managers responsible for existing and newly developing phenotyping platforms; the scientists contributing protocols and assays implemented in the phenotyping platforms and potential users and developers from academy and industry; the leading scientists of the EPPN and other leading international phenotyping centres.

Specifically EPPN will foster and strengthen interaction by organizing:

  • International Plant Phenotyping Symposia (2)    
  • Summer Schools (2)    
  • EPPN Information Workshops (4)    
  • Developer Workshops (2)    
  • Round Table Meetings (2)