Installation for: medium/large plants
Environmental monitoring: light, temperature, humidity, CO2
Parameters: root architecture, root length, root density,
Capacity: 100-250 plants
Average experiment duration: 4-6 weeks

The SCREENGlasshouse is a high-throughput large plant root analysis system in glasshouses with a capacity of 100 - 250 plants for root architecture in soil-filled columns (15 cm diam x 100 cm) to confirm root architecture from seedling screens. From sequential assessments after sowing; developmental stage, tiller number per plant and root distribution with depth assessed in each soil column. Root measurements in 20 cm horizons to record root biomass, root length and root length density with soil depth. Root material washed out using a Delta-T Instruments Automated Root Washer and scanned with a scanner using a transparency adapter (WinRHIZO STD 1600+, Regent Instruments Inc., Quebec, Canada) using the WinRHIZO regular V.2002c software (Regent Instruments Inc., Quebec, Canada) to estimate total length, mean diameter, total area and volume. 46 glasshouse compartments with supplementary lighting and temperature control for growth of plants. In addition, three specialized glasshouses in which plants can be grown directly in soil under field-level radiation intensity and quality at pre-defined temperatures and CO2 concentrations. Irrigation and humidity control is available. All environmental data in the growth and experimental conditions are controlled and recorded in a data base.



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