Installation for: small plants
Environmental monitoring: -
Parameters: root structure, root growth
Capacity: 400 plants
Average experiment duration: 2-4 weeks

Root Trace is a high-throughput imaging system for analysing root system structure and growth (capacity: 400 plants/system). This comprises automated devices for time-lapse imaging of root growth and phenotype screening and software solutions for data handling and image analysis. The imaging robots are designed to be used in standard controlled environment rooms and in their simplest conformation translocate cameras for time lapse imaging of plants growing on agar plates. Minimum temporal resolution for 20 plates (of 125 mm diameter) is 3 minutes between each image series. Experimental duration may be hours or several weeks. The system may also be used to image roots grown in growth pouches or rhizotrons. Additional units are currently being installed which will double the available capacity and include near infra-red imaging to monitor root growth in darkness. The RootTrace image analysis software recovers basal root length, growth and curvature with only minimal user interaction. The user is required to click a mouse on each seedling to be analysed in the first image of the sequence, RootTrace then processes subsequent images automatically to produce growth and curvature profiles in a compact and easily readable form.



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