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ABER, FTIR/NMR Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer: Provides fingerprints of plant chemical composition which can be used to look at chemical change with treatment or with time. Fingerprints can be correlated with analytical data to produce high throughput prediction of compositional parameters
ABER, IPC Structural and functional imaging of various types of above and below ground parts of large to small plants automatically moved between glasshouse and imaging system ***available from 2013***.
ABER, Micro Raman Micro Raman spectrometry provides images of plant samples that contain information relating to chemical composition.
ABER, TGA-py GC/MS Thermogravimetric analysis Provides information on plant cell wall composition by analysis of thermal degradation parameters and products.
FZJ, SCREEN Chamber Automated rosette plant shoot analysis system in growth chambers.
FZJ, SCREEN House Automated crane equipped with non-invasive sensors for continuous monitoring of the environmental conditions and plant functional and structural properties.
FZJ, SCREEN Root LP Automated analysis of root system architecture and shoot biomass of large plants (up to 80 cm) growing in soil-filled rhizotrons in a greenhouse.
FZJ, SCREEN Root SP Automated monitoring and analysis of roots growing in perti dishes in growth chambers.
HAS, RSDS RSDS serves the phenotyping of cereal (barley, wheat) root structure and function under water limitation to discover genetic variation for improvement of stress adaptation. The root analysis platform includes two components.
HAS, SSDS Plant shoot analysis system in greenhouse, with capacity for 150 medium size plants, for structural and functional studies on drought- and other stress tolerance.
HMGU, expoScreen Four walk-in size chambers with controlled environmental conditions for temperature, humidity, light, and different trace gases (including stable isotope labelling).
HMGU, sunScreen Two medium-sized and one small sun simulator for control of environmental conditions including light intensity (solar spectrum) up to 1500 W/m2 (UV-B up to 6 W/m2).
INRA, Diaphen A high throughput facility in the field.
INRA, Phenodyn/Phenoarch A greenhouse facility specialized for crops (or small trees) with a throughput of 1650 plants per experiment.
INRA, Phenopsis A growth chamber platform specialized for Arabidopsis thaliana plants, with a maximum throughput of 1500 plants per experiment.
INRA, PPHD A platform for the study of the interaction of plants with plants or microorganisms.
IPK, APPP Modules for automated cultivation and imaging (structural and functional traits) of small, Intermediate, and large plants
IPK, MP Module for destructive metabolite analyses: Harvesting of plant material with rapid freezing in liquid nitrogen; automated cryogenic grinding and dispensing; GC-MS metabolite profiling
UNOTT, MicroCT 4D phenotyping of root geometries and soil properties.
UNOTT, Root Trace Software and associated image acquisition robots forming a high-throughput device for analysing root system structure and growth in agar plates.
UNOTT, SCREEN Field Root assessments on a plot-scale in field experiments from soil cores.
UNOTT, SCREEN Glasshouse High-throughput large plant root analysis system in glasshouses for root architecture in soil-filled columns.
UNOTT, Vertical Confocal Confocal microscopy specially developed for non-invasive, high resolution analysis of live root cells and tissues growing vertically on agar plates(12 or 24 cm).

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