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Installation for: medium/large plants
Environmental monitoring: soil water potential
Parameters: root architecture , shoot architecture, leaf area, photosynthesis, surface temperature
Capacity: 1800 plants
Average experiment duration: 90 days

PPHD includes cameras manipulated by robots which are distributed in four cabinets to which plants cultivated either in greenhouses and climatic chambers are transported automatically by the conveyor belts. The cabinets include camera sensitive to i) visible light, ii) near infra-red light, iii) fluorescence light, iv) analysis with visible, near infra-red and fluorescence lights of specifically designed rhizotrons. Imaging facilities of PPHD-LU will allow acquisition of data every 30 seconds for each biological feature, which represents on a daily basis the capacity to phenotype around 1700 plant shoots and more than 300 plant root systems. The construction of these platforms has begun in September 2010 and PPHD will be operational in 2012.


Contact: christophe.salon@dijon.inra.fr

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