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Installation for: medium/large plants
Environmental monitoring: soil water content
Parameters: growth, transpiration, growth rate, transpiration, biomass, 3D architecture, leaf area
Capacity: 400 plants Phenodyn/ 1680 Phenoarch
Average experiment duration: 90 days

The platform PHENOARCH is composed of 1650 (extendible to 2000) pots, each on its own cart located on a conveyor belt. It is currently equipped with 2 computer-assisted imaging systems, one for leaves (visible) and one for roots (visible + near infrared), both programmed in such a way that whole plants and/or specific organs are imaged in 3 dimensions. PHENOARCH is currently associated with a proprietary-driven database interfaced with applications of image analyses. A second, publicly available, database will be associated to the latter, for further applications in modeling, image analysis and data analysis. In the platform PHENODYN, a set of 200 environmental sensors and 30 to 400 single plant systems is added to the equipment upon necessity, with displacement transducers and balances allowing the measurement of transpiration and leaf growth every 15 minutes. Five balances and watering systems are placed in the main circuit for measurements of transpiration and computer-assisted watering.



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