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Installation for: medium/large plants in the field
Environmental monitoring: soil water potential, micrometeorological variables, apex temperature
Parameters: N content, transpiration (FIR), leaf area index
Capacity: seasonal dynamics of plots in the field
Average experiment duration: 200 days

The platform DIAPHEN is equipped with an imaging systems carried by drones and 'phenomobiles', i.e. GPS equipped vehicles with arms carrying cameras and NIRS systems. Imaging will be based on (i) visible imaging to estimate light interception by plants which is a major determinant of canopy photosynthesis, (ii) hyperspectral cameras to assess a range of spectral indices, (iii) thermal infrared camera which provides an indirect measurement of leaf temperature, linked to plant transpiration. The imaging process can be performed in 1 h for 30-40 plots, thereby allowing a throughput of a minimum of 100 plots within a 3-h period. Additionally, the soil characteristics of this experimental site has been gathered for several years and used for the development of NIRS calibration and methodology to use hyperspectral imaging (camera Hyspex 400-1000 nm) combined with a terrestrial vector (prototype built with CEMAGREF). In addition, collaboration with a French start-up enterprise (L'Avion Jaune, Montpellier) has helped to define the conditions to use multispectral imaging in combination with aerial airborne or unmanned aerial vehicles. Furthermore NIR calibrations to predict C, N leaf content as well as leaf specific mass of durum wheat has been developed using an ASD Labspec.

Link: http://www.cirad.fr/en4

Contact: tardieu@supagro.inra.fr

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