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Installation for: crops, vegetable plants, and woody bioenergy plants up to 1.8m height
Environmental monitoring: air temperature, soil temperature, humidity, light intensity / quality, CO2-, O3-, NOx-concentration and other trace gases
Parameters: must be measured by users
Capacity: 100 barley, 50 poplar, 400 Arabidopsis plants
Average experiment duration: 4 weeks

exposcreen2The ExpoSCREEN comprises four walk-in size exposure chambers (3.4 m length x 2.8 m width x 2.5 m height) with controlled environmental conditions for air temperature (-20 °C to +45°C), rel. humidity (20% to 95%), light intensity and quality (solar spectrum in steps up to 1000 W/m², UV-B (290-320 nm): 0,1 - 10 W/m2). In addition, plants can be exposed to variable atmospheric conditions of e.g. CO2 ozone, NOx, as well as other trace gases (including stable isotope labelling). Each exposure chamber is optionally equipped with four thermo-controlled (from -15°C to +25°C) root containers allowing maintenance of soil temperature below (or above) air temperature. The installation of smaller UV-transparent plexiglass cuvettes on top of each root container enables the subdivision of each walk-in chamber into four treatments where the gaseous atmosphere can be controlled individually regarding CO2 concentration (above ambient), O3 and NOx or other trace gases (e.g. airborne signal molecules like NO, methyl salicylate or methyl jasmonate). In one chamber the atmospheric CO2 concentration can be reduced below ambient values (down to approx. 100 ppmv). The expoSCREEN facility allows phenotyping of crops (e.g. wheat, barley, etc.), vegetable plants (e.g. tomato, potato) and woody bioenergy plants (e.g. willow, poplar).


Contact: jp.schnitzler@helmholtz-muenchen.de

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