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Installation for: small plants (seedings)
Environmental monitoring: temperature, humidity, light, intensity/quality
Parameters: root growth, root structure, shoot growth, shoot structure
Capacity: >1800 plants
Average experiment duration: 4-6 weeks

The setup "root carousel" is a device for small plants grown in growth cabinets to analyse root system development (Nagel et al., FPB 2009). Measured parameters include total root length, root length of laterals, branching angles, branching frequency, growth rates of individual roots. It is based on an imaging device that is automatically fed by a pneumatic system transporting Petri dishes filled with agar or another transparent medium. The device simultaneously provides quantitative analysis of shoot structure and function for the agar-grown plants. The capacity of the existing device is 80 plates with a measurement cycle of 12 minutes. This allows measuring several hundred plants per day. A larger device hosting up to 1800 plants is under construction.



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