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Installation for: large plants (up to 80 cm)
Environmental monitoring: temperature, humidity, light, intensity/quality, CO2 concentration
Parameters: biomass, growth dynamics, pot water balance
Capacity: 250 plants
Average experiment duration: 4-6 weeks

The setup is located in the PhyTec experimental greenhouse, which is equipped with highly transparent glass (96% transmittance of photosynthetic active radiation and 40% of UV-B). The high-throughput system is based on a laser positioning system and a crane setup allowing to reach each location in the greenhouse compartment separately, to grab the respective pot, and to transport it to the imaging station containing CCD cameras for estimating growth, shoot morphology and biomass, as well as a nutrient and watering system to control supply for each pot according to user-defined targets. All activities of the system are recorded and planned through a database. The capacity of the system is dependent on the plant size and is estimated to range between few and 500 plants. Environmental control in the greenhouse compartment includes temperature and air humidity, CO2-concentration (above or below ambient) and supplemental illumination. Devices to control root zone temperature can be provided at extra cost.



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