Transnational access to installations across europe

EPPN offered European scientists transnational access to 23 experimental plant phenotyping installations, at 7 different institutions, in 5 countries across Europe between

1st of March 2012 and 31st December 2015.

Transnational access offered by the participating research infrastructures within EPPN included:

  • free access for eligible user groups to research facilities;
  • support for travel;
  • free access for eligible user groups to research facilities
  • on-site logistic support by the infrastructure staff;
  • access to knowledge and know-how at the research infrastructures necessary to complete the proposed experimental work

Access was granted on the basis of proposals evaluated by independent reviewers.

Select an installation based on:

  • shoot traits
  • root traits
  • metabolites
  • field application
  • institutions

>> EU access guidelines