Installation for: dried, powdered samples (c 20 mg) of plant material
Environmental monitoring:
Parameters: Thermogravimetric profile, GC/MS analysis of pyrolytic gas composition
Capacity: 20-30 samples per day of dry milled samples
Average experiment duration: variable

Users can either bring samples from their own phenomics experiments or the analyses can be performed on material sampled from plants grown in IBERS installation 1. Duration of experiments is dependent on number of samples The instrument consists of 2 parts: 1. the TGA unit consists essentially of a microbalance and a furnace. Samples of dried and powdered material are heated (usually in an oxygen free atmosphere). Thermal decomposition occurs at discrete points during the temperature ramp at which specific polymeric components degrade. This results in weight loss, and this information provides insights into feedstock composition. 2. The GC/MS is programmed to sample gas from the TGA at points in the temperature ramp when specific components degrade. The pyrolytic products are separated by gas chromatography and analysed by electron impact mass spectrometry and information is collected on the chemical composition of the product gas. It will be necessary to analyse a sample several times at different points during decomposition to collect information on all components of the dried biomass.


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