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Installation for: dried powdered plant samples (c 20 mg) or liquid samples (c 10 µl)
Environmental monitoring:
Parameters: infrared spectra
Capacity: approx. 200 samples/ day
Average experiment duration: Users can either bring samples from their own phenomics experiments or the analyses can be performed on material sampled from plants grown in IBERS installation 1. Duration of experiments is dependent on number of samples

Infrared spectrometry can be achieved on powdered and dried plant samples by use of attenuated total reflectance and also on liquid samples by use of transmission spectrometry with samples spotted onto silica sheets in a 96 well format. Data can be analysed using standard chemometric approaches to look for changes correlating with treatment effect, or can be correlated with parameters e.g. cell wall composition or calorific value, so that mid infrared spectrometry can be used as a low cost/ high through puit screening approach to chemical phenotyping.


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Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/ibers/

Contact: Gordon Allison: goa@aber.ac.uk 

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